Tomorrow Is Already Here

New challenges call for new answers. This is true for Bertelsmann’s strategy as well. So, following important successes in the Group’s transformation, the task now is to further develop the strategy with a view to ensuring that Bertelsmann is fast-growing, profitable, digital, international and diversified for the long term. The Group is pursuing five growth priorities to this end.
Media Champions

Bertelsmann is building national media champions in its core markets. In a dynamic, competitive environment, this will create strong alliances anchored in local markets that can boast offerings across all media genres as well as high reach. They will thus also form a potential counterweight to the major US tech groups in their respective markets.

Global Content

From movies, series and shows to books and music, demand for high-quality, internationally exploitable media content is seeing significant growth around the world. For this reason, Bertelsmann is increasingly focusing on expanding its global content businesses. For example, RTL Group’s production subsidiary Fremantle, the Penguin Random House book publishing group and the music company BMG are being strengthened through substantial investments in the production of new content and in the acquisition of attractive book rights and music catalogs.

Global Services

Global supply chains, financial flows, IT systems and customer communications require service providers that operate on a global scale too. Bertelsmann is therefore focusing on expanding its international services businesses for clients from a wide range of industries, including many global key customers. The focus is on supply chain solutions, financial services, customer relationship management and IT services for the digital transformation of companies.

Online Education

Education is already one of the biggest sectors in the global economy – and advancing digitalization will make it even easier to bring knowledge to every corner of the world in the future. Bertelsmann is successfully active in the field of online continuing education and training, such as by serving the increasing training needs of medical professionals. This engagement is to be expanded organically and through acquisitions, including investments in new products and content.

Investment Portfolio

A global network of funds ensures that Bertelsmann has attractive investments and, at the same time, access to innovative companies in a wide range of regions around the world. This includes start-ups and young companies in media, services and education, often with a focus on emerging technologies. Bertelsmann will expand this investment network and is increasingly relying on cooperation with third-party funds.